Foreign Rights


Baobab Books presents an international programme of books for children and young readers. Translation rights are available for several of our titles:

Museum Rietberg
Aus dem Milchmeer entstand die Welt
8 Göttergeschichten aus Indien
Release 2018

Reza Dalvand
Something Black
A picture book from Iran
Release 2017

John Kilaka
The Amazing Tree
A picture book from Tanzania
Tingatinga Art
«Peter Pan Prize» by IBBY, Sweden
Release 2009, 3rd edition 2012

John Kilaka
True Friends
A picture book from Tanzania
Tingatinga Art
Release 2004

John Kilaka
Fresh Fish
A picture book from Tanzania
Tingatinga Art
Release 2001, 3rd edition 2004

Tatia Nadareischwili
Sweet Dreams
A picture book from Georgia
Release 2017

Ámbar Past/Maruch Mendes Peres/Tamana Araki
NeNe Sol
A picture book from Mexico
Retold after a Mayan Myth
Release 2012

Babak Saberi/Mehrdad Zaeri
A big friend
A picture book from Iran
«Huckepack Prize 2016», Germany
Release 2015

Eymard Toledo
Bene, faster than the fastest chicken
A picture book from Brazil
«One of th most Beautiful German Books 2014»
«Book of the Month» by the German Academy for Children's Literature
Release 2013, 2nd edition 2014

Eymard Toledo
Uncle Flores
A fairly true story from Brazil
Release March 2016

Mehrdad Zaeri
Princess Sharifa and brave Walter
Two ancient stories retold today
«Book of the Month» by STUBE, Austria
Release 2013, 2nd edition 2015