Diversity is our wachword

Baobab Books is an association dedicated to promoting cultural diversity in children and youth literature. The impressive Baobab, the African monkey bread tree, is our symbol. Stories are told in its shadows, traditions are passed on to the next generation for centuries. Baobab Books is a registered charitable association, based in Basel, Switzerland.

are the focus of our work, as their educational and cultural contents imbue them with an ability second to none to impart social values in a differentiated way.

Our various projects animate children and young adults to think about prejudice and marginalisation. That is how we link the promotion of reading skills with the much important intercultural dialogue.

Our mission statement (in German) defines our goals and values and defines the field we work in.

We receive financial support from numerous institutions and organisations.
Donations from the general public further ensure the continued development of our activities. Private donations are very welcome. You can also sign up as a benefactor member.


Baobab Books
Jurastrasse 49
CH-4053 Basel
Tel. +41 61 333 27 27
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Financial Support

Baobab Books receives financial support from:
terre des hommes schweiz
Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit DEZA
Bundesamt für Kultur
Ev.-Ref. Gesamtkirchgemeinde Bern

and several other public and private donors.