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Baobab Books

Baobab Books is a registered charitable association, based in Basel, Switzerland. We are committed to promoting cultural diversity in children and youth literature. The impressive Baobab, the African monkey bread tree, is our symbol. Stories are told in its shadows, traditions are passed on to the next generation for centuries.
Baobab Books is dedicated to the dialogue between cultures. Books are the focus of our work, as their educational and cultural contents imbue them with an ability second to none to impart social values in a differentiated way.


We promote intercultural dialogue
In our multifaceted society, characterised by constant change and migration, Baobab Books stands for respect as well as for solidarity and equal opportunities in global society. To read a book is the beginning of a un-biased dialogue. With our Kolibri list we recommend books for children and youths, which give an insight into unknown worlds. To read a book is the beginning of a dialogue.

We publish books
A picture book from Uruguay, a chapter book from South Africa, a youth novel from Japan… With sometimes bilingual, and occasionally even handmade, volumes, Baobab Books' publishing programme is unique. We have been translating children's books and youth literature from all over the world into German and publishing them for about 30 years, with a special focus on marginalized communities.

We reach out to communities
Baobab Books is committed to promoting reading skills and literature through innovative projects. Our range of services includes reading animation in schools, teaching materials, training, workshops and talks in Switzerland and abroad. In regions where access to books is difficult, Baobab Books launches projects to promote a local book culture and establish libraries.

Baobab Books Association
Baobab Books is a charitable association based in Basel. We act and do business in accordance with the principles of fair trade and of environment-friendly production. We thus focus our collaboration on suppliers, providers and cooperation partners with the same approach.
Mission Statement (only available in German)

We rely on donations and dedicated contributions to realise our projects and educational undertakings. Every private individual can support Baobab Books, either as a benefactor or through a donation. We will be glad to provide you with further information.


Baobab Books
Oscar Frey-Strasse 6
CH-4059 Basel
Tel. +41 61 333 27 27
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