Our Mission Statement


We have defined the basic goals and values in our extended Mission Statement (only available in German). In the following an overview of the main points:

Our Mission

Baobab Books is a registered charitable association. We are committed to promoting cultural diversity in children and youth literature.
We stand up for an open and pluralistic society, whereby we refer to the right for equal treatment as stated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Through our activities in promoting reading skills and our dedication to the dialogue between cultures, we work towards a society where children have the possibility to root socially, to be heard, to participate in a community without disadvantages and to develop future prospects – no matter where they come from, no matter their social class, ethnic or cultural belonging.

Our Goals

Through our activities and books we promote cultural diversity, respect and social equality in children's and youth literature.

Our Values

We promote children and youth literature that imparts following values:
– diversity of values
– equivalence
– respect
– dialogue
– aesthetics
– sustainability


Baobab Books acts and economizes in accordance with the principles of fair trade and of environment-friendly production. We always bear in mind to keep the consumption of raw materials low and to minimize our waste.
We attribute great importance to the climate-neutral production of our printed matter. In doing so, we support various climate protection projects around the world. Learn more about it here.