Our Mission Statement

We have defined the basic values and our goals in our extended Mission Statement . The summary reads as following:


We recommend books that

  • make visible the shared values of different cultures and religions,
  • show different societies, classes or genders as diverse but equal,
  • depict foreign ethnicities with respect, and whose situations and stories allow the reader to experience other human beings as individuals with feelings, needs and abilities,
  • contribute to dialogue and understanding between religions.


Through our books and activities

  • we promote the depiction of cultural diversity in children's and youth literature. Our publications, educational services and projects encourage dialogue and reflection on cultural self-image, prejudices and marginalisation,
  • we promote reading skills amongst children and youths by providing culturalldiverse reading and accompanying material, especially for those children and youth who are learning the national language as a second language,
  • we promote authors from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and the Middle East,
  • we make authentic voices from other cultures accessible to children and youths,
  • we promote neworking between authors and protagonists in Switzerland and on an international scale.


  • Operating sustainably means to us taking strategic and entrepreneurial decisions in accordance with social justice, as well as producing goods in a way that does not waste resources.
  • We act and do business in accordance with the principles of fair trade and of environment-friendly production.
  • We are keeping up to date on social and technical developments, on the origins of raw materials, on the durability of materials as well as on the distance the goods need to be transported. Whenever we have the choice, we use correspondingly certified material.
  • We attribute great importance to the climate-neutral production of our printed matter. In doing so, we support various climate protection projects around the world. Learn more about it here.