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We at Baobab Books love reading. But listening is nice too! When shops, schools and libraries were closed in Spring 2020 we started to make recordings of our books – in German and other languages, some read by the authors themselves.

Browse our new Audio library and listen to voices and stories from different parts of the world. New offerings will be added regularly, come back and see what is available.

Der Mond zu Gast

ANDO Mikie
7 unusual stories from Japan about life and happiness.
Translated from Japanese by Koyama Yoko and Peter Siebert.
© 2011 Baobab Books

With impressive lightness, poetry, mischievousness, and imagination, seven stories from Japan address the big questions of life: Who am I? What is friendship? What is happiness? In this book for reflection and for smiling, there is, among others, the story of the "king in the pond". The tadpole with the name Hä wonders why we get up when we go to sleep again anyway - and also asks a few other clever questions.
Read in German by Michael Koechlin.

Audio: Der König im Teich (German)

Etwas Schwarzes

Reza Dalvand
A picture book from Iran. Translated from Persian by Nazli Hodaie.
© 2017 Baobab Books

One morning at dusk, the forest glows with colors more beautiful than ever before. Green and red shimmer the trees at the edge of a clearing. And there in the sunlight lies something black. What could that be? The raven flies down and says, "That must be a piece of a star. Soon the sky will fall over us!" And what does the fox think? The owl? The deer?
A philosophical story read by Julian Koechlin (German), Sylviane A. Rigolet (French) and Reza Dalvand (Persian).

Audio: Something Black (German)

Audio: Une étrange petite chose noire (French)

Audio: Yek Chiz-e siah (Persian)

Ein neues Kapitel: Der Ritter der Schlüssel

Hamed Abboud
One of seven stories about arriving. Translated from Arabic by Kerstin Wilsch.
© 2018 Baobab Books

From the small library about arriving, we have selected those of the Syrian-born author Hamed Abboud. At the center of his narrative are keys that stand for home and for the trust that is placed in it. Read by Markus Harzenmoser (German) and Hamed Abboud (Arabic).
More about the special edition A New Chapter

Audio: The Knight of Keys (German)

Audio: Fares al-Mafatieh (Arabic)

Das Glück ist ein Fisch

Melba Escobar de Nogales (text) / Elizabeth Builes (ill.)
A story from Colombia
Translated from Spanish by Jochen Weber
© 2018 Baobab Books

In order to find yourself, you first have to get lost ... Pedro wants nothing more than to see the sea. His is indeed very surprised when his mother gives him a trip to an island for his tenth birthday. There are bound to be pirates there! The water, they say, has seven colors. But then this vacation turns out to be quite different from what he had imagined ...
Read by Julian Koechlin.

Audio: Das Glück ist ein Fisch (German)

Máttaráhkkas weite Reise

Sissel Horndal
A tale from the Sámi land
Translated from Norwegian by Elisabeth Berg
© 2019 Baobab Books

When the wind rises in autumn, the bear wanders into the forest, and the birds gather in great flocks, daylight disappears in the far north. People become silent and look up at the stars. Where does it go, that sunlight? Sami artist Sissel Horndal, who herself lives in the far north, has retold an old story - here it can be heard in the original Norwegian.

Audio: Fra stjernene til livet (Norwegian)

Frische Fische

John Kilaka
A picture book from Tanzania. Translated from Swahili by Christine Hatz.
© 2001 Baobab Books

Sokwe Chimpanzee hasn't caught this many fish in a long time. He is already looking forward to the money his catch will bring him tomorrow at the market. But his friend Dog puts a spoke in his wheel. His mouth waters at the sight of the delicious fish ... Will Dog succeed in getting his hands on the prey? The classic by John Kilaka, read by Julian Koechlin.

Audio: Frische Fische (German)

Schlaf gut

Tatia Nadareischwili
A picture book from Georgia. Translated from Georgian by Rachel Gratzfeld.
© 2017 Baobab Books

One of the most beautiful things is to lie down in bed at the end of an eventful day. But who doesn't know it: sometimes sleep just won't come, despite all the tiredness. That's how it is with the boy who looks at us with awake eyes. "Then I'll just go for a little walk," he says to himself. And whoever he meets there! A giraffe, a koala bear, sperm whales ... They all have a good suggestion about what the boy could do to find sleep.
The book was published in a bilingual edition German - Georgian. I wonder how Georgian sounds? The author Tatia Nadareishvili reads aloud.

Audio: Schlaf gut (Georgian)

Als die Sonne ein Kind war

Ámbar Past / Maruch Mendes Peres (text) / Tamana Araki (ill.)
Based on a Mayan myth. Translated from Spanish by Jochen Weber
© 2012 Baobab Books

This creation myth of the Mexican Tzotzil Maya tells the story of beginning of time and the creation of the stars. NeNe lives with his mother and two brothers in the darkness of the jungle. NeNe is a high-spirited boy who loves to play. But he also has special powers, and so he conjures the moon and the stars in the sky - and in the end gives the sunlight to the world. Read by Sonja Matheson (German) and Luzmaria Stauffenegger (Spanish).

Audio: Als die Sonne ein Kind war (German)

Audio: NeNe Sol (Spanish)

Aus dem Milchmeer entstand die Welt

Museum Rietberg, Zurich
Eight Tales of the Gods from India
© 2018 Baobab Books

The Indian heaven of gods is wide and varied. The gods and goddesses in Hinduism have many faces and many names, the relationship is branched and not infrequently also tricky.The elephant-headed Ganesha is known for his pranks. And one of these pranks is told in the story in which Ganesha and his brother Kartikeya are in a competition for a magic mango. Read by Sonja Matheson.

Audio: Der Schnellste gewinnt nicht immer (German)

Ein großer Freund

Babak Saberi (text) / Mehrdad Zaeri (ill.)
Translated from Persian by Nazli Hodaie
© 2015 Baobab Books

One day, the little raven came flying home and happily reported, "Mom, I finally found a friend! Look, he's standing right in front of our nest." The mother raven can't believe it, an elephant of all things! That can't go well! The raven girl, however, is amazed at her mother's worries. An endearing story about dealing with differences. Read in German by Michael Koechlin, in Persian by the author Babak Saberi.
 Video: Ein großer Freund (Persian)

Audio: Ein großer Freund (German)

Der große Schneemann

Seyyed Ali Shodjaie (text) / Elahe Taherian (ill.)
A picture book from Iran. Translated from Persian by Nazli Hodaie.
© 2013 Baobab Books

A strange story once happens in a village: with joy and eagerness, the children create the biggest snowman they can think of from the first snow of winter, and decorate it with a hat and scarf. But as soon as the snowman is built, his face changes. He is not grateful that he was created by the villagers, but now wants to have the say. He screams and demands guards and ice cubes, because he doesn't want to melt. Is it okay to say no? Read by Michael Koechlin (German) and Ali Shodjaie (Persian).

Audio: Der große Schneemann (German)

Audio: Adam Barfi (Persian)

Bené, schneller als das schnellste Huhn

Eymard Toledo
A story from Brazil
© 2013 Baobab Books

His real name is Benedito da Silva, the boy with the number 10, but everyone just calls him Bené. Football is the greatest thing for Bené. The greatest thing ever, apart from the delicious feijoada his mother prepares. No matter what Bené does or where he goes, balls accompany him everywhere ...The story in the middle of the life of the Brazilian boy, read in German and Portuguese by Eymard Toledo, as well as an interview with the author!

Audio: Bené, schneller als das schnellste Huhn (German)

Audio: Bené, mais rápido que o mais rápido dos frangos (Portuguese)

Audio: Interview with Eymard Toledo (German)

Juju and Jojô

Eymard Toledo
A story from a big city. Translated from Portuguese by Michael Kegler.
© 2019 Baobab Books

Twin girls Juju and Jojô live in a very, very big city. To see the sky, you have to put your head way back. Their neighbour tells them that in the past their house was the highest in the neighbourhood. The two girls can't imagine that, because today it's the smallest in the street, and they don't know anything other than living in the densely built-up city. But a tree also grows in front of their house. It is a jabuticaba tree - a so-called tree trunk cherry. The tree has already reached the height of their balcony. Not only does it give sweet fruit, but butterflies live in it, all kinds of ants crawl up it, and crickets chirp on its branches. Jojô can't understand Juju's fascination with these insects at first ...
Read by Eymard Toledo.

Audio: Juju y Jojô (Portuguese)

Audio: Talk with Eymard Toledo (German)

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