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Juju und Jojô

Eymard Toledo

Juju y Jojô (Portuguese)
Read by Eymard Toledo

Martina Stalder in conversation with Eymard Toledo

© Baobab Books

The twin girls Juju and Jojô live in a very big city. To see the sky, you have to put your head way back. In the past, the house where the family lives had been the highest in the neighbourhood. The two girls cannot imagine that, because today it is the smallest in the street … When they were little, their father planted a small tree in front of the house. It is a jabuticaba – a tree trunk cherry. Now the tree has already reached Juju and Jojô's balcony. It not only provides sweet fruit and shade, butterflies also live in it, all kinds of ants crawl up it and crickets chirp in its branches …

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