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Braz, Julío Emílio
Kinder im Dunkeln
A novel from Brazil

Translated from Brazilian Portuguese by Bettina Neumann
Baobab Books, 2007
76 pages, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-905804-22-5
CHF 22.80 / € [D] 14,90 / € [A] 15,40
Ages 12 and up


The Plaza de Sé in São Paulo is their home. The street children have to take care of themselves and have no time to enjoy their childhood. Abandoned by her mother, one day six-year-old Rolinha joins the girl gang led by Doca, a girl who has seen and experienced more of life than all the other children.


Original edition: »Crianças na escuridão« © 1991 by Júlio Emílio Braz

Note: This book is only available at Baobab Books.

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