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Ellabbad, Mohieddin

Das Notizbuch des Zeichners

A picture book from Egypt

Bilingual edition German – Arabic
Translated by Burgi Roos
© 2002 Baobab Books; 4th edition 2017
32 pages, hardcover, 29 x 24 cm
CHF 25.00 / € [D] 18,50 / € [A] 19,10
ISBN 978-3-905804-25-6
Ages 8 and up

The illustrator's notebook holds memories, dreams and stories, and their associated feelings, aromas and images are brought to life in his pictorial collages. With astonishing facility he takes on life's major questions and in a unique way combines images from the East with those from the West. In doing so, he sometimes suddenly turns our vision of the world on its head. Poetically and with great sensitivity this bilingual German-Arabic picture book builds a bridge between cultures — not only for children, but for adults too.

The author

Mohieddin Ellabbad (1940 – 2010) was a important illustrator and graphic designer of the Arab world. After his art studies he worked with different print media, before he dedicated his work entirely for the illustration of books. Mohieddin Ellabbad was honored with several prizes from all over the world. He was living and working in Cairo.




Original edition: «Kashkoul ar-rassam» © 1999, Mango Jeunesse, Paris, France


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