Kemal, Yașar
Gut geflunkert, Zilo!
A story from Turkey
Translated from Turkish and provided with an epilogue by Nevfel Cumart
Baobab Series by Atlantis Verlag, 2002
112 pages
CHF 23.00 / € 14,90
ISBN 978-3-7152-0464-2
ages 12 and up

The well-known Turkish author has set down on paper his moving conversations with the 12-year-old Zilo. She sleeps on the streets, under trains, or in cellars, because her stepmother doesn't want her in the house. She sells pigeon food, but she doesn't always find customers.


Original: »Nar Agacini Kusatmis Hanimelleri ve Nanik Üstüne« in: Allahin Askerleri © 1978 by Yasar Kemal and Adam Yayinlari, Beyoglu-Istanbul