Kiengsiri, Pensri
Seebarsch und Süßkartoffeln

Translated from English by Mayela Gerhardt
© 2007 Baobab Books
136 pages
CHF 22.80 / € 12,80
ISBN 978-3-314-01549-6
Ages 13 and up

The lively Thonglor market is the stage for the passionate love between a young vegetable seller and the daughter of a woman who sells fish. The young man is never at a loss for ideas to express his feelings – his love poems arrive by air, attached to sweet potatoes. She keeps him dangling on a string, but meanwhile her mother attempts to intervene. This amusing story of a first love, told with rapid dialogue, is also an account of the conflicts that can arise between the generations.

The Author

Pensri Kiengsiri was born in southern Thailand in 1931. As a young woman, she learned English in Malaysia and trained as a physiotherapist in Australia. She soon started writing and quit her job at the Bangkok hospital. Pensri Kiengsiri has published numerous novels, short stories and poems in Thailand and is also a journalist. She also tries in a variety of ways to convey Thai culture and has, among other things, translated the more than 1200-page epic »Phra Aphai Mani« into English.


Original: Love in the Fish Market
© 2006 by Pensri Kiengsir