Lee, Tae-Jun (Text) / Kim, Dong-Seong (Ill.)
Wann kommt Mama?
A picture book from Korea

Bilingual German – Korean
Translated from Korean by Andreas Schirmer
Baobab Books, 2007
40 pages
ISBN 978-3-905804-23-2
Out of print
ages 3 and up

With no sense for time, a child is waiting at the tram stop, and wants to know when his mother will arrive. Trams come and go. It begins to snow. With a red nose, the child stands his ground against the wind – and finally the mother comes. The contemporary illustrator has combined an Asian pictorial tradition with his own handwritten text to present a story originally written in the 1930s in clear, poetically charged images.

Original edition: »Eomma Majung« © 2004 Sonyunhangil Publishers, Seoul