Lee, Uk-bae
Sori feiert Tschusok
A picture book about the Korean moon and harvesting day

Translated from Korean by Hee Jung Ägerter
© 2005 Reihe Baobab by Atlantis Verlag
36 pages
CHF 24.80 / € 15,90
ISBN 978-3-7152-0510-6
Ages 5 and up

Soon Chuseok will begin, the major Korean thanksgiving festival. Like everyone else, Sori travels with her family to her grandparents, who live on the land, to celebrate the event. She helps with the preparations, and soon everything can begin. The ancestors are honored, there's dancing and music-making …

Original: »Sori‘s Harvest Moon Day« © 1995 by Lee Uk-bae and Gilbut Children Publishing, Seoul