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Nadareischwili, Tatia

Schlaf gut

A picture book from Georgia

Bilingual edition German – Georgian
Translated from Georgian by Rachel Gratzfeld
© 2017 Baobab Books; 2nd edition 2021
Original edition
32 pages, hardcover, 23 x 27,5 cm
CHF 24.00 / € [D] 18,50 / € [A] 19,10
ISBN 978-3-905804-78-2
Ages 4 and up

Foreign rights sold:
Chinese (Simplified), English (US/CAN), Farsi, Georgian, Hindi (India)
→ Foreign Rights Catalogue

Going to bed at the end of a jam-packed day is one of the nicest things in life. But wouldn't you know: sometimes sleep remains far away, even if you're dead tired. This is what's happened to this boy, looking at us with his eyes wide awake. He can't go to sleep.
«Alright. So then I'll go for a little walk.» Just look at all the creatures he meets! A giraffe, a koala bear, sperm whales … They all have good ideas for what the boy could do to go to sleep. He puts his head under his arm, just like a bird sticking its beak under its wing. When that doesn't help he takes the otter's advice to heart – just lie on your back in the water and let yourself be rocked to sleep. The horse, however, thinks that he just has to stand in a very comfortable position, and he'll surely fall asleep in a wink.
 But sleep just won't come to him, despite all the advice.
Finally the boy asks the albatross: «Can you help me?» The big bird answers that you can't sleep on the ground, you have to be airborne to sleep. But even flying doesn't help, so the boy makes his way home. He's grown tired and climbs into bed. So tired that he falls asleep immediately …
«Schlaf gut – Dsili Nebisa» will be released in a bilingual edition German – Georgian. The evolution of Georgia’s written language has produced three alphabets. The alphabets coexist thanks to their different cultural and social functions, reflecting an aspect of Georgia’s diversity and identity. Their ongoing use in a cultural sense, also gives communities a feeling of continuity. In December 2016 the language has been inscribed by the UNESCO in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


The Author and Illustrator

Tatia Nadareischwili (*1988) was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. She studied Illustration and Graphic Desgin at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and started her career as an art teacher for children. She later worked as an art therapist for children with disabilities. For several years Tatia was a member of VIRGAM, an artist’s group at the Book Art Center in Tbilisi but nowadays works as a freelance illustrator in her own studio. «Schlaf gut – Dsili Nebisa» is published by Baobab Books as a bilingual edition in German and Georgian. The Georgian language is understood as one of the oldest languages in the world. Its alphabet is built by 33 letters und shows a unique script.


→ Shorlisted as on of the Most beautiful German books 2017

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