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Saberi, Babak (Text) / Zaeri, Mehrdad (Ill.)

Ein großer Freund

a story about friendship

Translated from Farsi by Nazli Hodaie
© 2015 Baobab Books; 2nd edition 2016
Original edition
32 pages, hardcover, 19,5 x 24,8 cm
CHF 25.00 / € [D] 18,50 / € [A] 19,10
ISBN 978-3-905804-63-8
Ages 5 and up

Foreign rights sold:
Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Farsi (Iran), French (Worldwide), Hindi (India), Swedish
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One day the young crow flies back to her nest. «I’ve finally found a friend!» she tells her mother excitedly. «Look, he is just standing outside.»
But what does her mother see? She looks right into … the trunk of an elephant! «Didn’t I tell you to look for a friend of the same size so that you can play together?» The little crow does not understand: «We are of the same height: look, if I fly low and the elephant jumps up a little, we are of the same height.»
The mother can’t stop thinking of all the possible difficulties, whereas the little crow cannot understand the worries of her mother. The dialogue between the worried raven mother and the perceptive raven girl is heart-warming. Despite all understanding for the mother's fears, the childlike impartiality is unsurpassable.

The author

Babak Saberi was born in 1965. He is an orthopaedic surgeon who lives with his wife and twin daughters in Yazd, a city located in the centre of Iran. He has published many books for children, some of which are translated into other languages like Chinese, English, French, and Italian. He considers children’s literature as his main profession, loves conjuring up stories, and never misses a chance to recite them for children himself.

The illustrator

Mehrdad Zaeri was born in Isfahan in Iran in 1970. When he was 14 his family emigrated first to Turkey, and then to Germany. After completing his schooling he decided to become an artist. Today he lives in Mannheim in Germany with his wife, and works as a freelance artist.
Mehrdad Zaeri has already illustrated numerous books, Prinzessin Sharifa und der mutige Walter is also available from Baobab Books.

Additional materials

Onilo boardstory (in German)


→ Awared with the Huckepack Prize 2016 (German text)

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