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Shodjaie, Seyyed Ali (Text) / Taherian, Elahe (Ill.)

Der große Schneemann – اگر آدم برفی ها آب نشوند

A picture book from Iran

Bilingual edition German – Farsi
Translated from Farsi by Nazli Hodaie
© 2013 Baobab Books; 2nd edition 2016
32 pages, hardcover, 21,5 x 28,8 cm
CHF 25.00 / € [D] 18,95 / € [A] 19,10
ISBN 978-3-905804-47-8
Ages 5 and up

A curious story takes place in a village. The village children are very happy to create the biggest snowman they can imagine from the first snow to fall in the winter. They clothe him with a hat and scarf. But the snowman has hardly been completed when he changes his face. He isn't grateful to the villagers for creating him, but rather demands guards and ice cubes, for he doesn't want to melt. Is one allowed to say no to such a request? Even the spring sun is impressed by the snowman and thus the village becomes freezingly cold. It takes a while, but in the end the big snowman will have to melt after all. The villagers agree that it's good that such a story will never be repeated.

The author

Seyyed Ali Shodjaie was born in Iran in 1983. He studied industrial engineering but soon after graduating started to publish articles and books as a freelance writer. Today he is the deputy head of the publisher Neyestan in Tehran. »Der große Schneemann« is his first children's book, which was published in Iran in 2010. Since then, he has published two short stories and a novel.

The illustrator

Elahe Taherian was born in Iran in 1979. She studied art and illustration in Tehran. She has illustrated seven children's books and books for young people since 2006, and received two Iranian awards for her illustrations in this time. Additionally, she has also taken part in numerous art exhibitions. Elahe Taherian lives in New York City, where she received the Paula Rhodes Honor award for exceptional achievement in illustration in 2015.

Original edition: اگر آدم برفی ها آب نشوند (Agar aadam barfiha aab nashavand) (What if the Snowman Won’t Melt?)
©  2010 Neyestan Publishing House, Iran

Additional Materials

Teaching Materials (in German)


→ Awarded as Book of the Month in May 2013 by the German Academy for Children's Literature