Donors and Members


Baobab Books is an independent charitbale organisation based in Basel, Switzerland. We receive financial support from numerous institutions and organisations.

Donations from the general public further ensure the continued development of our activities. Private donations are very welcome. You can also sign up as a benefactor member.

5 good reasons to support Baobab Books with a donation

1. Baobab Books offers a unique selection of books  from all over the world. Throughout our book programme children and young adults not only find adventures and enterntainment, but will make discoveries, get insights, and opportunities to learn and to reflect.

2. With Kolibri Baobab Books presents books that offer insights into other cultures and religions, broaden horizons and identify the potential but also the problems raised when different cultures live together.

3. We want to enable children and teenagers to experience the diversity of our world. Our work focuses on the book, which as an educational and cultural medium is particularly well-suited for conveying differences and nuances in social values. Baobab Books produces teaching materials for selected titles.

4.To support the promotion of reading and literacy we design workshops and trainings for teachers, librarians and student.

5. We are engaged in various projects nationally and internationally that promote reading for children and young people as well as the dialog between people of different cultures. Especially in places/communities where books are not a common good.

Please contact our information desk for further information at any time.

Thank you very much for your support!


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