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Digital Boardstories

The educational portal Onilo offers digital literature mediation for schools, kindergartens and libraries: picture books are prepared into so-called board stories through animation and successively inserted text and equipped with suitable teaching materials. This offer complements the printed book with digital technology and expands the possibilities of interactive language and reading promotion. Two books from the Baobab Books programme are currently available at Onilo:

A big friend

A young crow introcudes her new friend to her mother. But what does her mother see? She looks right into … the trunk of an elephant! The mother can’t stop thinking of all the possible difficulties, whereas the little crow cannot understand the worries of her mother. They keep arguing, but in end the little crow has the telling argument …
A heartwarming and inspiring story about friendship and diversity from the Iranian author Babak Zaberi.
Onilo boardstory (in German only)

Bené, faster than the fastest chicken

Bené not only loves football, his family and he also earn their living by sewing balls. Balls accompany the little boy everywhere, and his playmates on the street are not only children, but also monkeys and chickens. In catchy words and supported by wonderful pictures, we get an insight into Bené's everyday life.
Onilo boardstory (available in German, French and English)