Digital Boardstories

Onilo offers digital boardstories for the classroom: Animated picture books offer a contemporary approach to reading education and enable a shared reading experience. At current, two of our books are available from Onilo:

A big friend

A young crow introcudes her new friend to her mother. But what does her mother see? She looks right into … the trunk of an elephant! The mother can’t stop thinking of all the possible difficulties, whereas the little crow cannot understand the worries of her mother. They keep arguing, but in end the little crow has the telling argument …
A heartwarming and inspiring story about friendship and diversity from the Iranian author Babak Zaberi.
onilo boardstory (in German only)

Bené, faster than the fastest chicken

His name is Benedito da Silva, but everybody calls him Bené. He loves football with all his heart. Bené does not only love playing and juggling with footballs, he and his family actually make them. Every day they make four or five balls and it is Bené who sews them together and who tests them, too!

Perfect for exploring different cultures, includes a Portuguese glossary for foods and other local football words.
onilo boardstory