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Release: «Kayabu» by Eymard Toledo

A portrait of Eymard Toledo was broadcast on SWR Kultur on 12 May and is now available in the ARD media library. In this short film, the artist and author talks about her work. Afterwards, the camera team accompanies her to a reading.
Kayabu is the fourth book by Brazilian author Eymard Toledo. This story of friendship opens a window onto the world of the indigenous population of Amazonia, whose habitat is threatened by deforestation and the extraction of raw materials. The moving story is illustrated in Eymard's own amazing collage technique. Foreign Rights are available worldwide.
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Catalogue Autumn 2024

Our autumn preview is already in print. The following two books are featured in it. «Maimun» by Sahar Abdallah takes us to Egypt, to the girl Tuha and her little monkey Maimun. Tuha's father earns his living as a street artist, and every morning Tuha and Maimun are allowed to go for a walk through the alleyways of Cairo ...
In the fourth and final volume of Tsai Kun-lin's Taiwanese graphic novel, «Was bleibt», Tsai Kun-lin combines past and present. The reappraisal of the White Terror continues to this day.
Catalogue autumn 2024

Tsai Kun-lin: nominated for «Max und Moritz»-Prize 2024

The jury of the Max und Moritz Prize has nominated the graphic novel Tsai Kun-lin by Yu Pei-yun and Zhou Jian-xin. «Author Pei-yun Yu skilfully combines Tsai Kun-lin's biography with the history of his homeland. Jian-xin Zhou's drawings add additional layers to the content: the basic colour and style change from volume to volume,» writes the jury. We are delighted about this honour and congratulate the author and the illustrator most warmly. The award ceremony will take place on 31 May as part of the Erlangen International Comic Salon.
The four-volume graphic novel from Taiwan (German by Johannes Fiederling) tells the long and eventful life of the Taiwanese Tsai Kun-lin - and reflects almost a whole century of Taiwanese history. Volumes 1 to 3 are already available, the fourth volume will be published in August 2024.
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Release: Tsai Kun-lin – Volume 3

The third volume of the graphic novel «Tsai Kun-lin» is called Ein neues Leben and is now available in all bookshops or directly from us. The volume begins in 1960, the year of his release. It is anything but easy for a former «political prisoner» to regain a foothold in society. Tsai's greatest wish is to become a teacher. Will he succeed? We will find out which path Kun-lin takes at this turning point in the fourth and final volume of the graphic novel, which will be published in autumn.
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Damals, im Sommer

A family is about to move from a tranquil village in the mountains to a distant city, where the father has found work. What kind of life awaits them there? Damals, im Sommer tells the story of farewells and new beginnings from the children's perspective. The artist LI Xiaoguang has aptly captured both the inner emotions and the outer scenery of the departure in his woodcuts. In its programme Büchermarkt, Deutschlandfunk said: «The tone of the narrative is calm, while at the same time the book offers a wealth of child-friendly details and the complex woodcuts [...] provide an insight into a world that seems both far away and close at the same time.»
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Baobab Podcast No. 2 – Young Voices

The «Kolibri» editorial team recommends books that enable children and young people to encounter other cultures openly, highlight the effects of discrimination and encourage a change of perspective. But what do young people think of these books? Pupils at Baden Cantonal School have taken an in-depth look at two recent works. Listen to the young voices in our third Baobab podcast!
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Tsai Kun-lin – Volume 2

We are delighted that the «Weltempfänger» jury has honoured the book Tsai Kun-lin – Die gestohlenen Jahre by Yu Pei-yun and Zhou Jian-xin with its recommendation. «Taiwanese history in unforgettable pictures,» writes Sonja Hartl in her jury statement. It is the second volume of the four-volume graphic novel about the life of Tsai Kun-lin, which is published in German by Baobab Books. Litprom's Weltempfänger publishes a list of recommended titles from Africa, Asia and Latin America four times a year to publicise outstanding literary voices in German-speaking countries.
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Audio library

Baobab Books not only makes books to read, but also to listen to. In our audio library you will find a constantly growing number of our books in spoken form and often in the original language, some of them read by the authors themselves. It's worth checking back regularly.
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Foreign Rights Catalogue

Baobab Books presents an international and diverse programme of children's literature. Our books originate in many different places of the world, each is unique in its form, many of them award winning.
Our Rights Catalogue 2024 highlights some of the currently available foreign rights titles. Are you interested in translation rights? Do get in touch with us for further information or a meeting request for Bologna Book Fair 2024.
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Foreign Languages

Although Baobab Books publishes all of its books in German only, it is not unusual for our books to make its way to other countries.
Are you looking for a particular book in another language or any particular language? Send us a message, maybe we have something to offer.
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New teaching materials

The book Hallo, Walfisch! opens up a view of the very direct relationship between the two main characters through the figures of the grandfather and the granddaughter. The two like each other more than anything, but still come into conflict with each other. At the same time, it is about understanding between the generations – for example, when historical events reverberate that the younger generation did not experience. The narrative from Latvia offers multi-layered perspectives and leaves room to explore the depths of meaning of history. The present teaching materials for primary school contain background information, didactic suggestions and numerous worksheets as copy templates.
The materials were developed in cooperation between the PH Bern and Baobab Books.
Here you can find further teaching materials to our books which are all available to you online.
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