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Kolibri – Useful Questions

The reviewers for Kolibri base their evaluations on their own experiences and their own cultural perspective. To appraise publications on the basis of the above-mentioned criteria, they may consult a list of questions. These can assist them to resolve uncertainties and to reflect on their own point of view.


  • Which are the main characters?
  • Characters of minority group: which role do they play?
  • What do people have to do in order to get recognition?


  • How are different cultures shown (e.g. languages, religions, forms of life)?
  • How is the relationship between ethnics shown (or between native people and migrants)?
  • Is there a hierarchy between social classes or men and women (boys and girls)?

Different forms of life

  • Which forms of life and which social values can be found in the book?
  • How sublte is the insight into a certain form of life (geographicel, social)?
  • How does the book help to learn about values other than my own?


  • Are members of (different) social groups recognized in their identity?
  • How are problems and conflicts solved (independently, mutually, hierarchically?


All the questions above are important for illustrations as well.

  • Do the pictures connect with the cultures described in the text?
  • Is there a connection between the story and the images?
  • What is the relation between members of different social groups, ethnics, class etc.? (Size, position on the page, colours)

Language and Style

  • How is language used (phrase, structure of the text)?
  • Which vocabulary is used?Does it match the characters described?
  • Moral message: is it accessible and relevant for children?

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Kolibri – Cultural diversity in Children's and Young Adult's books
Recommended readings 2024/2025, no. 31
96 pages, paperback
Format 14,8 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-907277-25-6

Date of publication: September 3, 2024