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Encouraging literacy in difficult surroundings

In the crisis-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo you hardly find publishers and a distribution network is basically inexistant. Books are priced excessively, and of the sparsley published books only very few get through to the rural areas at all. Hence, for most people, and children especially, access to books is out of reach.

Based in the province Kasai Central, the cooperative Bidiep Bidiep in Kamutanga is the partner organisation in our latest initiative to promote reading and writing skills for children. The cooperative has improved the basic infrastructure in the district over the last 15 years. You nowadays find schools, workshops for vocational training, a health station and many other institutions in Kamutanga.

With Baobab's support a scheme is currently being implemented in Kamutanga, which supports teachers in their methods to make reading and writing an attractive and meaningful activity for children, and adults too.

A detailed project report will follow.

This project was supported by the Foundation Mercator Switzerland, the Leopold Bachmann Foundation and other donors.