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Teaching Materials

Baobab Books produces teaching materials in German for selected titles in the Baobab Series. Each teaching unit offers background information on a culture and/or a book's topics together with worksheets for use in the classroom. These pedagogic materials will assist teachers and students to explore the books in more depth.You can download the teaching material (in German only) free of charge, please choose from the list below:

ANDO Mikie

Der Mond zu Gast

7 tales from Japan
Ages 6-8

Dalvand, Reza

Etwas Schwarzes

A picture book from Iran
Ages 7-10

Ellabbad, Mohieddin

Das Notizbuch des Zeichners – كشكول الرسام

A picture book from Egypt
Ages 12-14

Escobar de Nogales, Melba

Das Glück ist ein Fisch

A novel from Colombia
Ages 8-10

Gulab, Rupa

Ein Querkopf kommt selten allein

A picture book from Iran
Ages 7-10

Gundars, Lauris

Hallo, Walfisch!

A novel from Latvia
Ages 8-10

Iplikçi, Müge

Der fliegende Dienstag

A novel from Turkey
Ages 8-10

Kilaka, John

Frische Fische

A picture book from Tanzania
Ages 7-9

Molope, Kagiso Lesego

Im Schatten des Zitronenbaums

A novel from South Africa
Ages 12-15

Ravishankar, Anushka

Moin und das Monster

A tale from India
Ages 8-10

Past / Mendes Peres / Araki

Als die Sonne ein Kind war

After a Mayan Myth
Ages 6-8

Robson, Jenny

Tommy Mütze

A novel from South Africa
Ages 9-12

Shodjaie, Seyyed Ali

Shyam / Bai / Urveti

Das Geheimnis der Bäume

A picture book from India
Ages 9-12

Toledo, Eymard

Bené, schneller als das schnellste Huhn

A picture book from Brazil
Ages 6-8

Toledo, Eymard

Juju und Jojô

A story from the big city
Ages 8-10