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Baobab is the name of the monkey-bread tree, and in its shade people tell stories. Baobab is also the name of the book programme releasing picture books, children's stories and youth novels from all over the world in German translation. To date, almost 100 books from 37 countries have been published representing particularly minorities and marginalised communities. On this page you will find an overview of our more recent publications.

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Kätlin Kaldmaa / Jaan Rõõmus
A special story from Estnia
Translated from Estonian by Maximilian Murmann
© 2022 Baobab Books

Literally every child in Estonia knows Lydia: the poems of the author Lydia Koidula are part of the school curriculum in the country. The life story of the writer, born in 1843, is so extraordinary that it absolutely must be told.
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Das Rübchen – Ripka

Romana Romanyschyn / Andrij Lessiw
A fairy tale from Ukraine
Bilingual German – Ukrainian
Translated from Ukrainian by Kati Brunner
© 2022 Baobab Books

Grandpa Andruschka is a hard-working gardener. In spring he rushes into the garden with shovel and rake, and in no time the bed is ready. Gently he places the seed of a turnip in the soil, carries the water every day and watches the sprout grow ...
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Das Meer

Micaela Chirif
A picture book from South America
Illustrations from Armando Fonseca, Amanda Mijangos, Juan Palomino.
Translated from Spanish by Jochen Weber.
© 2022 Baobab Books

Is the sea a space, a surface or a line? Where does the squid sleep when it's tired? And does it dream of a whale? And while we're at it: does the whale weigh as much as water?  …
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Hassan Zahreddine
A story from Lebanon
Translated from Arabic by Leila Chammaa
© 2022 Baobab Books

The day Zineddine starts working as an assistance in a print shop, he can neither read nor write. His name is too long, says the printer when he greets him, reaches into the type case, puts three letters together and colors the pad. When he pulls the sheet out of the press, it says: Zin.
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Die Sommergäste

Matías Acosta
A picture book from Uruguay
Bilingual German – Spanish
Translated from Spanish by Jochen Weber
© 2021 Baobab Books

A man lives happily by himself and enjoys the peace and seclusion of his little house. But the peacefulness is over when one morning, summer has only just begun, a group of geese land on the roof, chattering loudly …
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Wann kommt Mama?

LEE Tae-Jun (Text) / KIM Dong-Seong (Ill.)
A picture book from Korea
Bilingual German – Korean
Translated from Korean by Andreas Schirmer
© 2007 Baobab Books; 3rd edition 2021

A child is standing at the tram stop and waits for its mother. Many people get on and off – only mother is nowhere to be seen. She doesn't arrive with the next tram either. With the one after, the conductor warns the child: »You'd better stay here until your mum gets here.«
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Plitsch, platsch – pitsch, patsch / Li li li hosak

Reza Dalvand
A counting rhyme from Iran
Bilingual German – Persian
Translated from Persian by Nazli Hodaie
© 2021 Baobab Books

Thirsty, the baby bird runs quickly towards the puddle. But oh, it stumbles and lands ... right in the middle! Every child in Iran knows this finger game with the counting rhyme. The puddle is in the palm of the hand and every finger has its job in the rescue of the baby bird.
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Hörst du, wie der Himmel singt?

Kirsten Miller
A novel from South Africa
Translated from English by Barbara Brennwald
© Kirsten Miller, 2018

In a small house somewhere in the South African province, a mother raises three children: ​​Zuko, Honey and Ash. Eight-year-old Zuko still doesn't speak, Honey is in frail health and 17-year-old Ash has a lot of responsibility.
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