Juju und Jojô

Eymard Toledo's third book is out now. The twins Juju and Jojô live in a very, very big city, and if they want to see the sky, then they have to tilt their heads back very, very far. But amidst the densely built-up city there’s also a tree growing in front of their house. It's a Jabuticaba tree – also called a Brazilian grape tree. Their father planted it when they were still small. It's already grown as high as their balcony by now. It not only gives them its sweet fruit, even butterflies live in it, all sorts of different types of ants crawl up it and crickets chirp away in its branches. At first Jojô doesn’t understand Juju’s fascination for these insects ...  
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Holiday Book Recommendation

Are you still looking for the right book for your holiday? How about Bené's story from Brazil? Bené loves football with all his heart. He does not attend school. Like many children in the poorer areas of Brazil (and of many other countries in the world), he has to help his family earn a living. His dream of wearing a genuine jersey and real football boots one day may never come true, but he is an artist with the ball, even when playing in his flip-flops.
Eymard Toledo's first book Bené, schneller als das schnellste Huhn (Bené, faster than the fastest chicken) has been chosen as one of the Most Beautiful German Books by Stiftung Buchkunst in 2014 and is now published in its 3rd edition.
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Baobab Books is a charitable association based in Basel, Switzerland. For our ongoing specialist work and our innovative projects in the promotion of cultural diversitiy in children's and youth literature we receive financial support from numerous organisations as well as individuals. As a donor or member you too can support Baobab Books. We will be glad to provide you with further information.

Grandfather's clock

The ticking of the pendulum clock in the house accompanies a family’s every-day life. The clock says when it’s time to get up, when to drink coffee, when to hang up the laundry to dry and when it’s time to go back to bed. And in the night, when all is quiet, its ticking roams around the whole house. Grandpa never forgets to wind the clock up with his small key. But one day Grandpa dies. This causes not only the inhabitants of the house to fall out of time, but also all the things in it.
In Die Uhr meines Grossvaters Samuel Castaño Mesa finds the words and the pictures that help us to give our feelings about death and grieving their due space.
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Running Rabbit

Do you already know the latest book by the Tanzanian Tingatinga artist John Kilaka?
The animals are thirsty, as there isn't enough water to go around. But the hungry crocodile lurking in the river is in no mood to share. It has demanded a sacrificial offering to satisfy its hunger. The big animals all agree that a small animal has to be sacrificed. To this end they want to catch Rabbit … And quickly the story takes up speed!
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The World in Books: Taiwan

Since many years Baobab Books is actively promoting as well abroad literature for children and yound adults. We encourage book production and reading in places where books are not yet readily available. Since 2013 we are supporting indigenous artists in Taiwan in the process of creating their own children’s books. It was the fifth workshop Baobab Books was running in 2018 in collaboration with the National Living Art Centre in Taitung. Just at the beginning of 2019 a beautifully designed documentation has been published – for the time being available in Chinese only.
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Baobab Books: Rights Catalogue

Baobab Books presents an international and diverse programme of children's literature. Our books originate in many different places of the world, each is unique in its form and many have won awards.
Are you interested in translation rights? Our Rights Catalogue gives you an overview on available foreign rights. Please get in touch with us for further information.
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Kolibri – 25th edition!

In the latest Kolibri, a list of recommendations, we present 64 recently published books for children and young readers. They all provide in one form or another insight in different lifes, and they invite the reader to reflect on their own identity as well as those of others. These books are carefully selected by our editorial team and they may support teachers, librarians or parents when choosing books for children and young adults.
Already, this is the 25th edition of our list! We celebrate this anniversary with a jubilee publication: A new Chapter.